Instruction for presenters

Key Dates & Checklist

Record & upload your presentation by August 7th at our Google Drive Directory.

Rename the files as “#_lead author last name_topic of presentation” (e.g., 106_Kockelman_congestion pricing)

Please ensure you upload two files: your PowerPoint slides (as .pptx) + presentation recording (as .pptxs or .webm).

Your presentation should be 18 to 21 minutes.

On Aug 11 or 12, please participate in your session & in many others!  (Your recording is simply a backup, in case you have connection issues.) We also have 8 to 10 min for Q&A with authors, for a total of 30-min per paper.

You can use any available tool for screen & video recorder

We recommend PowerPoint’s simple Slideshow/Record tool (which will save a pptxs file for you to upload) or Panopto (

Upload the file to the BTR Google Drive Directory.

A Few Tips:

  • If possible, use a microphone rather than your computer’s in-built speaker to record your audio.
  • Ensure all notifications are turned off.
  • Remove background noise, turn off fans, devices & close the door to avoid distraction.
  • Please make sure your video does not block the texts on your slides.

Windows users can use PowerPoint Slideshow/Record tool as described here. Mac users who cannot record the camera by the PowerPoint, can use Panapto instead.

To use Panapto:

  1. Open your PowerPoint presentation & put it in “Slide Show” mode.

2. In Panapto Express, in your web browser, click the Screen capture icon & then select the application window with your PowerPoint slides.

3. Now, press the big red record button & start presenting.

4. Once you have finished recording, download & save the recording file.

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