Bridging Transportation Researchers (BTR) Conference

Welcome to the Bridging Transportation Researchers (BTR) Online Conference Website!

Purpose of the Conference

At zero cost, and practically zero carbon, BTR brings transportation engineers, planners, & policymakers together globally by removing the burden of travel, the cost of registration, & greenhouse gases associated with transport & hotelling. We welcome researchers and practitioners from diverse transportation areas, particularly individuals who are unable to obtain a visa or afford traveling to and participating in international conferences. BTR #2 is also designed to address the mass cancellation of Summer 2020 transportation conferences due to COVID-19.

Good news for licensed professionals: You can pursue continuing ECeducation credits with this conference! Certificate of attendance will be provided to be used for continuing education (CE) or Professional Development Hour (PDH) credits should the activity meet the guidelines set forth by your state board.

BTR #2 Conference Dates

logovahid2Please join us online on August 11 & 12, 2020, for two days of multi-track Zoom-based meetings.  Zoom links & session details (with 30-minute presentation slots) will be sent to all registrants, after papers are submitted & reviewed and final topics are scheduled. Time-zone preferences may be voted on by all early registrants, prior to final scheduling. Please register here for this (free) August event!

Paper Submission Instructions

BTR#2 full-paper submission deadline is *May 31*, 2020, via this link.

The acceptance paper word limit is 10,000 words. All manuscripts should be written in English and use Harvard style for referencing ( Emails for all authors should show on cover page. Authors may use these two templates: Full Paper Template + Title Page Template, & submit here.

No more than one submission per lead author, please. For any further instructions on paper format, please contact us at

Peer Review

Papers are peer-reviewed, & selected papers are organized into sessions for web-based presentations during the conference. Although selection is based on the quality of articles, we strongly encourage researchers with visa and financial barriers to submit full papers. Accepted papers will not be shared publicly by BTR organizers, so all authors can present & publish their BTR-presented work elsewhere. Such publication & presentation decisions are up to the authors. BTR participation will create no copyright concerns.


Any transportation-related areas including – but not limited to:

● Multi-modal transportation network & systems
● Freight transport & logistics
● Travel survey methods, big data acquisition & fusion
● Traffic management & operations
● Transport safety & security
● Intelligent transportation systems
● Connected & automated vehicles, shared & electric vehicles
● Travel behavior modeling & demand forecasting, + transport econometrics
● Land use planning & policy
● Environmental impacts & sustainability
● Transport economics & policy
● Design, construction, & pavement engineering

January 2020 Meeting

We were delighted to successfully deliver the first online Bridging Transportation Researcher (BTR) Conference, in two concurrent tracks covering 16 peer-reviewed papers, on January 8, 2020. We had presenters from 8 countries, covering 8 major topic areas.

All presentations can be heard now at these two links (with each paper’s start-time hyperlinked in the Notes section below each YouTube video):

Track 1 –  &Track 2 –  

TRACK 1: January 8, 2020, 10 am – 2 pm Central time in USA (CST), with sessions on Transport Research Methods and Big Data, Public Transport, & Future Transport Technologies + MaaS (with Time Conversion Guidelines for all locations)

TRACK 2: January 8, 2020, 10 am – 2 pm Central time in USA (CST), with sessions on Traffic Modelling, Transport Safety, & Travel Behaviour and Sustainability

Organizing Committee

Chairs: Prof. Kara Kockelman (University of Texas at Austin, USA) & Dr. Elnaz Irannezhad (The University of Queensland, Australia)
Dr. Behrang Assemi (Queensland University of Technology, Australia)
Prof. Alireza Ermagun (Mississippi State University, USA)
Al Gerayeli (Kimley-Horn, USA)
Jason Hawkins (University of Toronto, Canada)
Yantao Huang (University of Texas at Austin, USA)
Prof. Alex Karner (University of Texas at Austin, USA)
Prof. Jun Liu (University of Alabama, USA)logovahid2
Prof. Neda Masoud (University of Michigan, USA)
Prof. Mahmoud Mesbah (Amirkabir University of Technology, Iran)
Vahid Salehi (Isfahan University of Technology, Iran)

Special thanks to the Transportation Research Board’s (TRB’s) Travel Survey Methods committee (ABJ40) for co-sponsorship of this conference!