Post-doctoral and Graduate Student Positions in Transportation Engineering and Forecasting

Position description: UT Austin Professor of Transportation Engineering Kara Kockelman is seeking a post-doctoral researcher (and graduate student researchers) to work on traveler choice, fleet forecasts, and simulation of SAV fleet operations. The position(s) will be funded by sponsors of our NSF Industry-University Cooperative Research Center (IUCRC) for Efficient Vehicles and Sustainable Transportation Systems (EV-STS), the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT), and other sources.

Reporting Line: The position reports to Professor Kara Kockelman (

Hiring Department: Center for Transportation Research (CTR) at UT Austin.

Annual Salary: $60,000-$80,000 per year (depending on experience) if on site/in Austin for 40 hr/week for post-doctoral researchers, plus approximately $17,000/yr in fringe benefits. Remote options are available, and they pay may be lower, due to cost-of-living differences. Those with MS degrees may also apply, if their skill sets and experience match well. Those without MS degrees should apply to the UT Austin graduate program in transportation engineering to be matched with Dr Kockelman as a research supervisor.

Earliest Start Date: Immediately, if feasible for the applicant.

Position Duration: 1+ year, with possible extension contingent upon funding availability and satisfactory performance.

Qualifications: A Ph.D. and published work in areas highly related to Dr Kockelman’s current research areas are necessary for the post-doc position. An MS in transportation engineering (not planning) with related work experience is also feasible for a research position. Graduate student researchers may have just a BS degree in engineering. Proficiency in Python, R, Stata, or other data analytic and statistical software is required for the two research-only positions. Knowledge of C++ would be beneficial.

Research purpose: The funded projects primarily involve simulating and evaluating the deployment of shared autonomous electric vehicles in Austin, Texas and related settings. Some involve fleet and behavioral forecasting for Year 2050, and the travel implications of autonomous vehicles.

Application: If you have strong programming and econometric skills for transportation applications and strong writing skills, please apply. You may apply by sending substantive cover letter and CV directly to Prof. Kockelman (at, plus GRE scores (if available), and any publications or other writing examples you already have.

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