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Western Track

DAY 1 Western: Thursday, August (Central US Time)

DAY 2 Western: Friday, August (Central US Time)

Eastern Track

DAY 1 Eastern: Thursday, August (Australia Eastern Time)

DAY 2 Eastern: Friday, August (Australia Eastern Time)

Time Conversions for Major Cities

10 am CDT (Western tracks) is 1 am in Sydney, 3 am in Auckland, 9 am in San Francisco, 11 am in New York and Toronto, 4 pm in London, 5 pm in Munich, Madrid and Stockholm, 6 pm in Nairobi, 7:30 pm in Tehran, 8:30 pm in Delhi, and 11 pm in Beijing and Singapore. You can check your exact city here.

11 am AEST (Eastern tracks) is 2 am in London, 3 am Munich, Madrid and Stockholm, 4 am in Nairobi, 5:30 am in Tehran, 6:30 am in Delhi, 9 am in Beijing and Singapore, 11 am in Sydney, 1 pm in Auckland, 6 pm in San Francisco (the day before), 8 pm in Austin (the day before), 9 pm in New York & Toronto (the day before). Check your exact city here.

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